Application of polycarbonate sheets

Surely many of you have heard of polycarbonate and of course there is no wonder, because it is an increasingly popular material. If so, it is worth considering its application. Here we will consider solid polycarbonate panels and those made of cellular polycarbonate. Which solution is therefore better and has a wider range of applications?

Application of cellular polycarbonate panels

Let's start with cellular polycarbonate. Such panels are used really often in the construction industry. We are talking here about, among others, all skylights in buildings. These are usually made of panels made of cellular polycarbonate. Besides, it happens that such material is used for glazing greenhouses or even as a partition wall. Suspended ceilings made of this material look very interesting here. For this purpose, not only individual panels are used, but also they are composed with respect to shape or size.

Applications for solid polycarbonate sheets

Solid polycarbonate panels are also widely used in residential houses, public buildings or sports halls. First of all, such polycarbonate is used to create shields or glazing. Apart from that, it is also used to build roofs. Therefore, there is no doubt that this material has a very wide range of applications and certainly the coming years will not change anything for the worse in this context. Rather, we will reach for polycarbonate more often.

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