Dimensions and prices of polycarbonate sheets

There is probably no doubt in anyone's mind that polycarbonate is nowadays a very popular material which has a wide range of applications. It is no secret that it is also used in construction or advertising. Let's take a look at the dimensions of polycarbonate sheets and their prices. So how much do we have to set aside when deciding on such panels and is it even a worthwhile investment?


In the first place, of course, we have to refer to the dimensions of such plates. It is not difficult to guess that these are very different today. Thus, for example, the dimensions of polycarbonate sheets are 0.61 × 0.525 m, 0.61 × 1.83 m, 2.05 × 3.05 m, 1.25 × 6.00 m or 1.25 × 13.00 m.

Let us note here that they also vary in thickness. Their minimum thickness is 0.75 millimetres. The thickest polycarbonate sheets, on the other hand, are 32 mm thick. Moreover, they are available in several colour versions. Most often manufacturers create transparent sheets or those in white, brown or grey.


It is also impossible not to refer to their price. Here a lot depends on their size and thickness. Besides, it should be noted that the boards made of solid polycarbonate are slightly more expensive than those made of cellular polycarbonate. Besides, in case of cellular polycarbonate panels, the number of chambers itself also influences the price. As far as colours are concerned, the cheapest are brown or milky.

However, regardless of their price, it is still worth taking an interest in such a product, as it has many benefits.

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