Types of polycarbonate sheet

Artificial materials are being used more and more in the construction industry and it seems that this will continue to be the case. Since we are already talking about such materials, it is worth referring to the fact that one of the most popular is polycarbonate. However, not everyone realises that there are two types of polycarbonate sheets. What kind of sheets are we talking about then? These are chambered and solid polycarbonate sheets. What is the difference between them?

Solid polycarbonate sheets

Many times, sheets made of solid polycarbonate are called and referred to as safety glass. Their main characteristic is their lightness. Besides, they are also thermally insulating, which is not without significance here either. It is also worth referring to the fact that solid polycarbonate is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and this protection is provided by its special layers. We should also note that it can be formed not only hot but also cold.

Cellular polycarbonate sheets

The second type of polycarbonate, which is used in construction, but of course not only, is cellular polycarbonate. It is produced on the basis of polycarbonate resins. Looking at the specifications of such chambered plates, in this respect they are very similar to solid polycarbonate. In this case, the most important thing for the customer is that such panels are durable and resistant to weather conditions. We should also add that they are cheaper than those made of solid polycarbonate, which is also important.

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