Characteristics of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a material that is gaining in popularity, although it is certainly not yet the apogee of its glory. The coming years will surely bring considerable development of this material, and its application will be wider than it is today, although we cannot complain in this respect anyway. That being so, it is worth taking a closer look at its properties. Why is it worth taking an interest in?


First of all, we have to start with the fact that such polycarbonate sheets, and here we distinguish between solid and cellular polycarbonate sheets, perform very well in terms of resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, you can jump on them, run on them or even hit them with a hammer and it should have no effect on their damage. This is certainly an advantage, as users themselves can also see.

Weather resistance

Polycarbonate panels are not afraid of weather conditions either. Therefore there is no problem to use them also outside. Rain, frost or sunshine in no way adversely affect the polycarbonate panels.


Let us also add here that such polycarbonate sheets are transparent. This is why they are often used as skylights or glazing.

Thus, looking at their application, it seems that the coming years should bring development of this technology, and polycarbonate sheets will quickly gain in popularity. This much is certain.

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